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Lemons for Learning is training a new generation of charitable entrepreneurs by helping them launch their own small business and donating all proceeds to help less fortunate

kids and families gain access to the educational resources they need. Every glass of lemonade or handcrafted product enables creative expression, spreads authenticity and homemade love, generates business learning, and allows those with less privilege to afford key educational materials.

Our Mission


L4L empowers kids to spread their creative passions by helping them launch small businesses to sell products online or in-person. All products are designed and homemade by kids, and all proceeds are donated to support education equity. We focus on the logistics of managing physical and online storefronts so that kids can focus on learning, spreading their creativity, and saving the world.



L4L is creating a network of flavored lemonade stands, with a current focus on New England. Each stand is hand-crafted, painted, and run by kids, selling freshly made, all-natural lemonade drinks with a modern twist. All cups, straws, and lids used by the stands are eco-friendly


Online store is Lemons for Learning's planned expansion into the online world. The store is an opportunity for the world to become more creative, and kids to become more knowledgeable, all for the benefit of underprivileged learners. Kids design and make their own products, and all of the profits are donated.



We are using all of the knowledge we gain from our experiences to help others to start their own projects. Currently, we're working with Eureka Express, a team dedicated to helping kids discover and learn from new experiences in science. They provide opportunities for students to create science kits and have delivered STEM presentations to various elementary schools.

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Hands-on work

In the summer of 2023, the L4L team traveled to Berlin, working with Berlin Arrival Support to help Ukrainian refugees to navigate Germany's transportation network to reach safe haven in coordination with refugee support organizations. The team helped to translate, carry bags, and buy tickets for shaken Ukrainians fleeing a war-torn country. 

Meet the Team


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